A diastema is a gap between two teeth. Many celebrities are famous for their midline diastema, or space between their two upper front teeth. Diastemas are extremely common, especially among children. A diastema is a natural part of a child’s development and may correct on its own. If a diastema remains after the eruption of adult teeth, it will become permanent and can only be corrected with professional diastema treatment.
Diastemas usually cause no complications to your dental health, but many people choose diastema closure for cosmetic purposes.

There are several types of diastema treatment available today:

Dental Braces— Most diastemas require a full set of dental braces and retainer therapy, as moving one tooth can affect the placement of the rest.

Removable Dental Braces– For less severe cases, a less invasive diastema treatment such as Invisalign may work.

Cosmetic Dentistry— If a midline diastema is the only dental problem, veneers or dental bonding may be used to cover the space.

Missing Tooth Replacement— If a diastema is caused by a missing tooth, a dental bridge or dental implants may be used to correct the problem.