Bad Breath

Bad Breath

So what causes bad breath? People with bad oral habits are likely to have bad breath.  If you’re not brushing, flossing or seeing a dentist regularly, you should expect to have bad breath. Bad breath can also occur when food remains in your mouth or between your teeth even after brushing. Basically, these small bits of food begin to rot and start to smell.
There are other causes of bad breath, including:
Food— Certain foods, such as garlic, onions, cheeses and dairy, are common causes of bad breath. When you eat smelly foods, the digestive process releases strong gases that smell unpleasant.

— The tongue collects many bacteria that are some of the major causes of bad breath. 

Medical Conditions–
Certain medical conditions have been identified as causes of bad breath. Severe kidney failure or diabetic are two examples.

Large Dose of Vitamins— Ever take a handful of vitamins on an empty stomach? Not only can that cause a tummy ache, but it’s also one of the causes of bad breath.

Dry Mouth— A decrease in saliva production, known as dry mouth syndrome, can be caused by conditions such as anemia or diabetes. Taking over-the-counter medications and smoking cigarettes can also cause dry mouth; in turn, dry mouth can cause bad breath.

Cavities— A dental cavity is the result of tooth decay, which is an oral disease. It’s not uncommon for the decay to produce an odor — bad breath.

Dental Abscess— When a cavity is left untreated, a dental abscess can form around it. This pocket of pus contains bacteria will give you bad breath.

Gingivitis (or any form of gum disease)– Gingivitis can lead to tooth loss. But more often, it’s one of the main causes of bleeding gums and bad breath.

Undigested foods in the stomach and impacted teeth where food are trap can cause bad breath. The key to understanding what causes bad breath is remembering that if your mouth isn’t clean or healthy, it’s probably going to make your breath smell bad.
How to get rid of bad breath? Brushing twice a day, flossing daily and using mouthwash at bedtime is your ticket to a life free of bad breath. Proper oral hygiene habits can’t be stressed enough! Always brush your teeth after eating a meal- is a great idea!